RoughSmoothed Sessions Coming Soon

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Last week The Brotherhood had a fun filled week including rehearsals, recording in the studio, and filming at the fantastic venue Newbridge Memo! With our pleasure we were able to team up with the firmly established and one of the UK’s top leading brands, // King Of Shaves.

// A shout out to the amazing team @ Roll Your Own Productions  //

We had so much fun taking three requested popular rock songs and arranging and merging them into cool silky smooth jazz versions, we were definitely able to contribute to this unique campaign project in the best way we know how – rocking out!   Following that The Brotherhood & Sisterhood continued to rock out Friday-Sunday up and down the UK.

Keep your eyes peeled as the campaign ad is being released within a few weeks, we can’t wait for you to see the end result! Keep checking our Facebook: @thebrotherhoodmusicuk Twitter: @brotherhood__uk & IG: @thebrotherhooduk for daily updates and upcoming shows.

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