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Our Recipe for the Perfect Wedding Band

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For the real live music connoisseurs out there we decided to put our chef’s hat on and cook up our favourite wedding band and live music recipe! You can mix and match certain items to suit your individual taste, but be warned, take too many ingredients out, and your band soufflé may come out a little flat!


  • 1 x supreme lead vocalist/ rhythm guitarist;
  • 1 x grooviest drummer plausible;
  • 1 x super laid back bass player (electric or upright);
  • 1 x outrageous lead guitarist (with a dash of ego but not as big as the vocalist’s as they will fight)
  • 1 x balanced and reliable sound technician (if possible- there is speculation as to whether such a species exists or not).

Optional extras:

  • 1 x extra tasty keyboardist
  • 1 x extra spicy percussionist
  • A sprinkling of sumptuous backing vocalists to taste.


Take initial ingredients and mix together in 1 rehearsal room for a few hours. Find and collate as many of your favourite songs as possible and catagorise said songs under various headings such as; Soul classics; chart hits; chllin out; rockin out. Leave to simmer in rehearsal sessions, spaced over the period of a few weeks. When smelling ripe and pungent, add in some of your optional extras to suit your taste and fancy.

To serve:

Book wedding band on event of your choice, turn volume up to desired level, sit back (or hit dance floor) and enjoy!

*Note to chef:

At no point in this procedure should the drummer be approached, conversed with, or amused. Such species are known to be unpredictable, unstable and, at times, volatile. These strange individuals are best left to be dealt with by hardened professionals with years of experience and who know what they are doing. Drummers…walk away and just say no.